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Publications   2014

Phenotypic characterization of miR-92a-/- mice reveals an important function of miR-92a in skeletal developmnte.

Penzkofer D, Bonauer A, Fischer A, Tups A, Brandes RP, Zeiher AM, Dimmeler S. .
PLoS One 2014 Jun 30;9(6):e101153. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0101153. eCollection 2014.

MicroRNA-126 in Atherosclerosis.
Boon RA, Dimmeler S.
Arteriosclerosis, thrombosis, and vascular biology 2014
The Early Activation of Toll-Like Receptor (TLR)-3 Initiates Kidney Injury after Ischemia and Reperfusion.
Paulus P, Rupprecht K, Baer P, Obermüller N, Penzkofer D, Reissig C, Scheller B, Holfeld J, Zacharowski K, Dimmeler S, Schlammes J, Urbschat A.
PloS one 2014; 942014: e94366
Vascular niche controls organ regeneration.
Manavski Y, Boon RA, Dimmeler S.
Circulation research 2014; 11472014Mar28: 1077-9
Long noncoding RNA MALAT1 regulates endothelial cell function and vessel growth.
Michalik KM, You X, Manavski Y, Doddaballapur A, Zörnig M, Braun T, John D, Ponomareva Y, Chen W, Uchida S, Boon RA, Dimmeler S.
Circulation research 2014; 11492014Apr25: 1389-97
Long-term clinical outcome after intracoronary application of bone marrow-derived mononuclear cells for acute myocardial infarction: migratory capacity of administered cells determines event-free survival.
Assmus B, Leistner DM, Schächinger V, Erbs S, Elsässer A, Haberbosch W, Hambrecht R, Sedding D, Yu J, Corti R, Mathey DG, Barth C, Mayer-Wehrstein C, Burck I, Sueselbeck T, Dill T, Hamm CW, Tonn T, Dimmeler S, Zeiher AM, .
European heart journal 2014; 35192014May14: 1275-83
Brag2 differentially regulates β1- and β3-integrin-dependent adhesion in endothelial cells and is involved in developmental and pathological angiogenesis.
Manavski Y, Carmona G, Bennewitz K, Tang Z, Zhang F, Sakurai A, Zeiher AM, Gutkind JS, Li X, Kroll J, Dimmeler S, Chavakis E.
Basic research in cardiology 2014; 10922014Mar: 404
The histone acetylase activator pentadecylidenemalonate 1b rescues proliferation and differentiation in the human cardiac mesenchymal cells of type 2 diabetic patients.
Vecellio M, Spallotta F, Nanni S, Colussi C, Cencioni C, Derlet A, Bassetti B, Tilenni M, Carena MC, Farsetti A, Sbardella G, Castellano S, Mai A, Martelli F, Pompilio G, Capogrossi MC, Rossini A, Dimmeler S, Zeiher A, Gaetano C.
Diabetes 2014; 6362014Jun: 2132-47
EMBO molecular medicine: fast forward.
Dimmeler S, Carret C, Buccione R.
EMBO molecular medicine 2014; 612014Jan1: 1
The small fibrinopeptide Bβ15-42 as renoprotective agent preserving the endothelial and vascular integrity in early ischemia reperfusion injury in the mouse kidney.
Urbschat A, Zacharowski K, Obermüller N, Rupprecht K, Penzkofer D, Jennewein C, Tran N, Scheller B, Dimmeler S, Paulus P.
PloS one 2014; 912014: e84432
Vascular microRNAs: from disease mechanisms to therapeutic targets.
Stellos K, Dimmeler S.
Circulation research 2014; 11412014Jan3: 3-4
Novel Biomarkers for Acute Myocardial Infarction: Is MicroRNA the New Kid on the Block?
Raizman JE, Diamandis EP, Rayner K, Dimmeler S, Calin GA, Thum T.
Clinical chemistry 2014; 6062014Jun: 812-7