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Research Topics

Cardiovascular regeneration

General scientific objectives:

The circulatory system is essential in maintaining organ function by providing oxygen and nutrients. Vessels provide the conduits that deliver metabolites and oxygen to the tissue and export waste products. During ischemic disease and tissue injury, vascular regeneration is essential to accelerate repair of the injured tissue. Our group is interested in the process leading to vascular regeneration and the control of the vascular niche upon acute injury, chronic disease states and in aging. Using genetic lineage tracing of endothelial cells, we fate mapped the origin of the endothelial cell in the vascular network and showed that endothelial cells clonally expand (Manavski et al, Circ Res 20181). In addition, we study the paracrine signature during aging (Wagner et al, 20182). Ongoing studies address the mechanism of cardiovascular repair and regeneration using models of successful regeneration, injury and aging. Moreover, we study the interplay between vascular repair and cardiac regeneration and fibrosis.

Cardiovascular Regeneration: Dr. Yosif Manavski, Galip Aslan and Christina Belz

Repair and regeneration during aging: Julian Wagner

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