Research Topics

Cardiovascular regeneration

The circulatory system is essential in maintaining organ function by providing oxygen and nutrients. Vessels provide the conduits that deliver metabolites and oxygen to the tissue and export waste products. >>


The majority of the human genome comprises non-coding sequences, which include long non-coding RNAs (lncRNAs). Discriminated by their length of more than 200 nucleotides, lncRNAs are involved in complex biological processes,  >>

The bone marrow-heart interface

Inflammation is a key driver of atherosclerosis and post-ischemic heart failure. The bone marrow niche controls hematopoietic stem cells maintenance and mobilization. In collaboration with the Departments >>

Novel therapeutic approaches in cardiovascular repair

At the intersection of technological innovation and translational therapeutic aims, this group further develops therapeutic approaches to treat cardiovascular disease. Ongoing studies focus on targeting microRNAs, >>

Cellular plasticity

Recent advantages in RNA sequencing technologies allow assessing transcriptomes at single cell resolution for thousands of cells at once in a single experiment. This novel and emerging technique, >>

Bioinformatic Core Unit

The Bioinformatic Core Unit provides support in the bioinformatics assessment of all RNA and DNA sequencing data sets. Specifically, the Unit has ample expertise in assessing RNA modifications and >>