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Circular RNA circPLOD2 regulates pericyte function by targeting the transcription factor KLF4

Simone-Franziska Glaser et al. demonstrate that the hypoxia-regulated circular RNA circPLOD2 controls pericytes function, thereby influencing endothelial network formation. Epigenomic profiling of circPLOD2-depleted cells identifies the transcription factor KLF4 as a key effector. Importantly, KLF4 depletion mimics circPLOD2 depletion, whereas KLF4 overexpression is sufficient to reverse the effects.

  • circPLOD2 is upregulated in hypoxia in human vascular pericytes
  • circPLOD2 controls pericyte secretome, migration and vascular network formation
  • Epigenomic analyses pinpoint KLF4 as a central player in circPLOD2-mediated changes
  • KLF4 overexpression rescues the circPLOD2 depletion effects in pericyte function

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