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Visitors from School at the Institute – nice feedback

From 22 May 2023 to 26 May 2023, the Institute of Cardiovascular Regeneration and Department of Medicine at Goethe University Frankfurt welcomed university applicants and students from Ukraine interested in medicine as part of the Uni:Hautnah programme. The participants from Ukraine had the opportunity to conduct experiments, have discussions with experts in developmental biology and expand their knowledge in various fields of cardiovascular medicine.
In addition, the students from Ukraine had the chance to experience student life in Germany and participate in practical exercises, such as taking their first blood sample from patients, making a basic ultrasound examination of the heart and performing experiments in a research laboratory. Among experiments were monocytes cell culture, transfection, immunofluorescent staining, and cardiac organoids analysis.

After visiting Frankfurt, the students went to  the unique anatomical exhibition Körperwelten in Heidelberg.
We would like to thank the Institute of Cardiovascular Regeneration (Prof. Stefanie Dimmeler, Dr. Guillermo Luxan, Dr. Julian Wagner) as well as Dean’s Office of the Faculty of Medicine for a special welcome and a guided tour of the campus (Mr. Jan Steinmetzer) as well as the management of the Museum Körperwelten in Heidelberg for the opportunity and support of the Uni:Hautnah project our guests from Ukraine.

Medical students who visited the ICR Institut