Research Topics

Cellular plasticity


General scientific objectives:

Recent advantages in RNA sequencing technologies allow assessing transcriptomes at single cell resolution for thousands of cells at once in a single experiment. This novel and emerging technique, called single cell RNA sequencing (scRNA-seq) has not only the potential to reveal entirely new cell types but also to detect induced transitions between cell types. Using this novel technologies, we address principle mechanisms of vascular repair, fibrosis and cardiac dysfunction. For example we currently determine the changes in endothelial-mesenchymal transitions and how this relates to long term vascular dysfunction. Epigenetic mechanisms controlling the process are studied. In collaboration with the University Heart Center (Prof. Zeiher, Prof. Walther), we additionally aim to dissect the molecular signature of human circulating and cardiac cells during different disease states.

Dr. Wesley Abplanalp, Lukas Tombor, Simone Glaser, Luka Nicin, Katrin Häfner

The Single cell sequencing Core Unit is head by Dr. Abplanalp and is supported by the Schwiete Foundation.